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Before you order

Often a customer will make an 'educated guess' as to what is wrong with their appliance. Guesses are sometimes correct and often wrong. For example, if the appliance is not heating, is it because: The heater is faulty? Or the thermostat is faulty? Or the power source is faulty?


Ask an engineer

You are urged not to guess. You are likely to save time, money and credulity by first talking to a Local Engineer. Our helpful engineers will provide additional information that you may not have considered. Before guessing, ask yourself or better still, ask one of our listed engineers: 'What else could it be?'


All you have to do prior to ordering is enter your post code into the 'Find A Local Engineer' search field and hit the search button. The next page you see should have a list of friendly engineers who will only be too happy to help.


Model numbers

If you order a part without using the correct model and serial numbers you are likely to order the wrong part. This could be costly and time consuming.