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Is it worth fixing?

Our economy is such that many people are being extra cautious and spending wisely. It is no surprise then that serious consideration is being given to the above question when it comes to a faulty domestic appliance. The answer to the above question can come with a very hefty price tag if you have not considered the true condition of your appliance. It may have happened to you or you may have heard of someone who has had to pay dearly, only to be told: “Go and buy a new appliance, and avoid buying this brand again if you can”.


We have many years experience of working with appliances and we can advise you, from the information you give us, without seeing the appliance. Tell us the problem you are having with your appliance and we will tell you if it is worth fixing. We can help you to spend wisely! We will need to know certain questions, such as:

♦ The make of the appliance

♦ The age

♦ How often it is being used

♦ The problem with the appliance


Avoid big bills

The slow down in our economy has given rise to the question: “Is it worth fixing?” More and more people are asking this question. As ever, we are only too happy to answer your questions but it is becoming very demanding on our time.We do our best to provide you with static answers to problems you might have. However, answering questions on specific problems does take up a considerable amount of time. It is therefore necessary for us to introduce a small charge which is a fraction of what you would otherwise have to pay in callout charges.


The benefits

Providing us with the required information will help us to give you good advice about your appliance. Advice that will save you ££££’s in the long run. We often come across instances where customers have relied on their own judgement and throw out an appliance that would have been a cheap fix. On the other hand spending big on an appliance can back fire if you keep having problems with the appliance. Take good advice and make sure your ££££’s stay in your pocket.

The benefits on relying on our professional advice are:

♦ You avoid wrongly throwing out an appliance with just minor faults.

♦ No expensive callout and inspection charges

♦ Choosing the right appliance for your home - choosing a work horse and not a donkey!

♦Getting informed decisions at a low cost


Good value

The advice we offer represents real value for money. This cost will give you access for 2 months, during which time you can make as many enquires as you like about any appliance.