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Spare Parts For Washing Machines

What you should know about spare parts.

Domestic appliance replacement parts are available in two forms, that of the “Original” or as an “Equivalent”.


Equivalent Spares

An equivalent spare part is the alternative or comparable part to the original but at a lot less cost. Often these parts are made by the same manufacturer as the original. Their electrical specifications are the same but their physical specification may vary slightly.


Equivalent spare parts are perfectly adequate as replacement parts and are on offer for sale, where possible, along side the original part.


Should I buy Original or Equivalent part?

It very much depends on how you view things. The first point we should accept is that no appliance is built to last forever. Once we have adjusted our way of thinking to accept this principle, we can then consider certain things about the faulty appliance.


Take the washing machine for example, it is common for a good quality one to last 6 or 7 years, doing 5/6 wash loads per week (less time if wash loads are in excess of this) before wear and tear renders it faulty. At this point you may ask: Is it worth fixing?


Speaking as an engineer, if the washing machine falls into the above category and the repair cost is not excessive, repairing may be a good option. I would then ask the questions: How satisfied have I been with this washing machine? Can I guarantee that the machine will last another 6 or 7 years? Can I reasonably expect a bit more life from it if I was to fix it?


Answering those questions and comparing cost between Original and Equivalent replacement parts may help to decide if you should buy an “Original" replacement part or an “Equivalent" replacement part.


 Premature failure (failure in the early days of its life) may also have a bearing on “Original” or “Equivalent” replacement part. The current economical climate may also have a part to play in your choice.


Whatever you decide, we give you the choice of “Original” spare parts or “Equivalent” spare parts.